René Schumacker (†) & Jiří Váňa

Identification Keys to the Liverworts and Hornworts
of Europe and Macaronesia (Distribution and Status)

2nd edition fully revised and updated (2005)

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The first edition of the Identification keys to liverworts and hornworts of Europe and Macaronesia published in 2000 was very successful : some 400 copies were sold. Thanks to comments, remarks, questions of many users encountering difficulties – especially in the keys to genera or in some keys for large genera, from students, beginners, experimented hobby and professional bryologists, as to recently published books and papers, the authors started since 2003 to prepare a 2nd fully revised and updated edition. This 2nd edition, carefully edited by SORUS/Poznan, provides, a.o., new (or partly new) keys for Conocephalum, Fossombronia, Herbertus, Lepidozia, Lophozia, Plagiochila, Riccia, Scapania, Telaranea, etc., numerous new keys for subspecies or varieties, updated distribution data, many corrections to patronyms, an impressive number (ca. 300!) of new synonyms in the corpus as in the index and many new useful references to literature and illustrations until August 2005.

The book is provided with a metallic spiral binding.

How to order

The book can be purchased online at the Botanic Garden Meise


For any question to authors, please contact J. Váňa


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